HoloFair - Video Production Project

Project Information

  • Client:HoloFair
  • Date:Oct 01, 2023
  • Author: Jassim Alaie
  • Place: UAE

HoloFair - Video Production Project

Experience HoloFair's holographic technology through dynamic videos and client testimonials.

Project Overview

HoloFair, a pioneering company in holographic technology, partnered with us to produce captivating videos showcasing their innovative products and services. Our goal was to highlight HoloFair’s cutting-edge solutions through compelling visual storytelling.

Our Approach

  1. Project Planning: Collaborated closely with HoloFair to understand their technology, target audience, and objectives for each video.
  2. Video Production:
    • Concept Development: Created engaging concepts that effectively communicate HoloFair’s unique offerings.
    • Filming: Captured high-quality footage using state-of-the-art equipment to showcase the brilliance of holographic displays.
    • Editing and Post-Production: Edited videos to enhance visual appeal and impact, incorporating graphics and animations where necessary.

Video Content

  1. Emirates Global Aluminium hosts gamified Innovation


  • Dubai Judicial Institute (DJI)



The videos produced for HoloFair effectively capture the essence of their technology and offerings. By showcasing their capabilities through compelling visuals and client testimonials, we’ve helped HoloFair strengthen its market position and attract new clients.